Oakwood Farms has sold a large number of horses that were produced from the farms' breeding program. Also, the farm, at times, will act as an agent to sell a horse for a client.

To request additional information on agency services, contact Oakwood Farms at:  oakwoodfarms@yahoo.com
18995 Hanoverian Lane Lawrenceburg, IN 47025-8224 ~ 812-926-4295
Sold! to Kerri McFadden - Durango (Dante Weltino/ Rubin Royal)SOLD!  Durango (Dubarry/ DonSschufro)Will Power (Widmark/ Pik L) DOLD!"Wroyal Diana" by Widmark out of EM Royal Princess.  Sold!  Congrats to Doug and Terry Cain2017 Dubarry - Royal Princess colt SOLD!  Congratulations to lorna Danahue
"Rafina OBX"  (Rousseau/ Banter) Sold to Gayle Udall.Sold!  "Wroyal Dutchess" (Widmark/ Don Frederico/ Buenos Aires)Sold! "Wriver Song (Widmark/ Fidertanz)Wroyal Heir (Widmark/Don Frederico) sold to Rebecca Lewison"Wroyal Flair" 2013 gelding by Widmark out of a Fidertanz mare.  Congrats to David Beisel!2015 Wolkenstina filly (Widmark/Wolkenstein II) - SOLD.  Congratulations to Stephanie Bruschi!SOLD - "Won Franc" 2015 Widmark/Royal Prince).  Congrats to Laura Peterson!
'Woodstock II" Condradulations to Lori Swain!"Wroyal Affair" (Widmark - Donatella) Congrats to Jeremy Crouch!2015 Widmark- Drama Queen filly sold to: Rebecca & Doug Lewison
Elite Mare PikkaWinna HU has Sold!  Congratulations to Rebecca Lewison!Congratulations to Elizabeth Ash on the purchase of Leonides OWF (Leonburg-Pik L)Congratualtions to Carlie McCoy on the purchase of Won Wonder (Widmark - Don Frederico)Congratulations to Sana Jensen Moran on the purchase of Won Star (Widmark - Donfredico)!Big congratulations to Doug and Rebecca Lewison on the purchase of Wroyal Image (Widmark - Pik L)
Congratulations to Doung and Rebecca Lewison on the purchase of the 2014 Foal by Widmark out of Downtown Delight).  Photo by 3rd shutter from the SunCongratulations to Linda Sabitina on the purchase of Wroyal Oak (Widmark - Rascalino)Congratulations to Karin Wolski on the purchase of Wylde Won (Widmark - Rascalino)Congratulations to Lisa Baker on the purchase of this exciting colt! (Widmark/  Rascalino)Congratulations to Anna Hopla on the purchase of Won Million (Widmark/ Fidertanz) shown here, and on the purchase of Won Wolke (Widmark/ El Bundy)!Congrats to Jullian Thompson on the purchase of "Won Rose" (Widmark/Riccione/Warkant)Won Ruby (Widmark - Don Frederico) Sold to Nicole Chiappetti! Wyndixie  (Widmark/ Rotspon) Sold!  Congrats to Hilaire O'Hallaron, CA! (Photo by 3rd Shutter)Wellenschwung  (Widmark/ Wolkenstein II) Sold to Audrey Sears and Lesley ArnoldBrisinger (Bonheur/ Cordoba) Sold to Jihun MuradWon Onxy (Widmark / Del Piero) SOLD!  Congrats to Nancy Gensch!EMC Deluxxe (De Laurentis / Widmark) sold to Jennifer GouldEMC Wild Gambol (Wild Dance / Grand Cru) sold to Joanna O'MeliaElite Mare Delorean (Del Piero / Wanderer) Congrats to Lisa HaverdinkElite Mare Cassie (Cordoba/ Wenzel I) Congrats to Jessica HarrimanRoselaa (Riccione/ Warkant) Congrats to Stephanie ToddCOngrats to Kate Flint on the purchase of the 2012 His HIghness/ Rotspon colt.
"Won Cassanova" (Widmark/Cordoba) Congrats to Phillip Cillis!  "Willow CBF" Congrats to Phillip Cillis!  "Em Windayla" (Widmark/Diwan) Congratulations to Cece Stewart!Congratulations to Marcie Keller  on her purchase of "Won Cosmo" (Widmark/Wittinger)2012 Widmark / Wolkenstein II filly sold to Lisa Matta2012 Widmark/Cordoba colt - sold to Brenda Zeitler2011 Rascalino/Cordoba filly - sold to Lorie SchroderWhisper Glory - Sold to Dee Franz2011 filly (Widmark / Don Frederico)

Congrats to Michelle Tyner!"Rumor Has It" (2010 Rubignon/Widmark)

Congratulations to Robin Cox!Elite Mare Candidate "Whitney" (Widmark/Rotspon)

Congratulations to Betsy Kang!Elite Mare Candidate "Weis Lillie" (Widmark/ Pass the Tab xx)

Congratulations to Terry Cain!"With Delightt"  (Widmark/Diwan)"Won Charmer"
Widmark/Del Piero
Congratulations to  Charlene Barron!EM Whimsical
Sold to George Austin. Congratulations!"Won Lucky Charm" (Widmark/Diwan) sold to Debbie Gyulay.  Congratulations!"Robin Hood" 
Rotspon/Wolkenstein II/Windhuk
Sold to Stephanie Bruschi"Won Flirtation"  Mare Performance Test Champion
Widmark/Al Capone
Sold to Dawn Andrus"Won Lucky CHarm" (Widmark/Divan) - Congratulations to Andrea Siemens!'10 Rubignon-Windayla colt - Congratulations to Susan HeikenWon Easter Vigil (Widmark - Beunos Ares) - Congratulations to Jessica Harriman!Won Chance (Widmark / Del Piero) - Congratulations to Lisa Weil!Won Aria (Widmark / Wolkenstein II) - Congratulations to Pam Carter of OH!Without a Trace (Widmark / Dressman) - Congratulations to Shelly Schachter of NY!Won WIsteria Lane
Widmark/Del Piero
Congratulations to  Wendy Insinger!Won Tinkerbelle (Widmark-Webster)EM WUnder Woman - Widmark/DiwanWrisky Business - Widmark/KuerWon Melody - Widmark/Cordoba
Hanoverian Mare Inspection Test Champion 2010Won for the Money - Widmark/CordobaFerrari - Webster/Wolkenstein IIPhoto by Horsepower Images
Carmel Creme - Contucci/WigwamFinesse - Webster/Buenos AiresFirst Eclipse - Webster/Buenos AiresFor Got The White - Webster/LukantFuerst Von Feuer - Werther/AskanHercules - Hohenstein/DiwanLady Long Champ - Longchamp/DomingoLeap of Faith - Loerke/WebsterWill Robenson - Widmark/CordobaWinter Lily - Widmark/WebsterWon Knight Stand - Widmark/Cordoba2002 filly - Rotspon/WebsterFergie - Webster/Vienna WaltzDolcinea B - Donnerhall/Wolkenstein IIWon Of A Kind - Widmark/Buenos Aires: Sold to Fallon WalkerWon Speed - Wolkenstein II/DavignonWorking Girl - Widmark/Al Capone: Sold to Suzie LopiccoloWrazzle Dazzle - Widmark/DomingoWrolex - Widmark/Webster: Sold to Fall Creek Farm
Congratulations are also in order to:
Oakwood Farms has sold a large number of horses that were produced from the farms' breeding program


Horse’s Name


Sold in 2006 to Holly Mullenix


Dressman/Hill Hawk

Sold in 2006 to Holly Mullenix

Lost A Sock

Letkiss/Don Carlos

Sold in 2007 to Julie Taylor

Will Robenson


Sold in 2007 to Madelyn Matlock

Winter Lily


Sold in 2007 to Leah Escalante



Sold in 2007 to Suzie Lopiccolo

Working Girl

Widmark/Al Capone

Sold in 2007 to Marty Detering

Won Knight Stand


Sold in 2007 to Dina Peters

Whimsical R's 2007 foal

Widmark/Wolkenstein II

Sold in 2007 to Christy Thuer

Won Torrid Affair


Sold in 2007 to Brenda Zeitler

Won For me


Sold in 2008 to Isabelle Brown

08 Balldame

Rotspon/Buenos Aires

Sold in 2008 to Linda Holste

08 Cassie

Widmark / Cordoba

Sold in 2008

EM Wunder Woman


Sold in 2008

Wrisky Business


Sold in 2008



Sold in 2008

Won Melody


Sold in 2008 to Sue Glavan

Won for the Money


Sold in 2008 to Jennifer Mutchler


Al Capone/Matcho AA

Sold in 2009 to Michelle Morehead

Won Tinkerbelle


Sold in 2010 to Christy Thuer of IN

With Affection



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